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Tenants information

Tenants information

Finding your new home

Finding your new home

We never forget that we are providing homes for our tenant clients, not just a house or flat. You are an individual and we all have our own idea of what makes a home. So when we first speak to you, we’ll ask you to describe your ideal property. Location and size will usually be the most critical factors for most people, but you’ll also have your own idea on whether you want to live in a town, country or village setting.

You’ll also have thoughts on whether a flat or house would be best. What sort of furnishings and décor appeal to you? Again we all have our own ideas.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re confident that we can come up with your ideal home, from our unrivalled selection of properties of all shapes and sizes in a variety of different types of location. You may have drawn up a short list of properties from seeing us on the Web. Or you might want us to recommend a selection of the properties that best suit your requirements.

Deciding on the right property

Deciding on the right property

Usually our clients are looking for advice on the location around a property under consideration. What is the nearest school and our chances of getting the children in? How will I be placed for getting to work by rail or bus? Is this a safe area at night?

These are questions, with many others, we can answer for you from our years of local experience and using the local knowledge of our staff, all of whom live locally and travel widely in the course of their work.

We’re happy to arrange a tour of your short listed properties to allow you to make your all-important decision. This will be arranged to match your availability and timescale. A member of our Letting Team will be with you to guide you round the property and answer any questions.

And remember, if you don’t see a property you fancy on our site, it’s always worth making contact with us, and staying in contact as we take on many new properties every week.

Why go through an agent?

Why go through an agent?

At this time you may also be looking at properties which are available direct from private landlords. Why rent through a letting agency rather than a private landlord? Although there are private landlords who offer a good deal and treat tenants fairly, it is undoubtedly the case that your chances of a trouble free tenancy are greatly improved by going through a reputable agency.

The main risk that tenants face in tenancies is either partial or complete loss of a security deposit, a significant risk in renting throughout the whole of the UK. Government figures suggest that problems with security deposits can arise in one in five private tenancies and more than half of tenants’ deposits in Scotland are currently unprotected.

But other problems can arise with direct private lets

Problems include poor protection as a result of inadequate or non existent leases, lack of response when emergencies arise, landlords entering properties without the necessary legal notification, and lack of safety checks and certification.

So if you are going to take on a tenancy without an accredited agency being involved, make sure you ask all the right questions!

Getting you settled

Once you’ve selected a property, we’ll take up references and do the other paperwork and subject to that contact you to fix a date for the start of the tenancy.

Before the start of the tenancy there are a number of essential steps which we need to take to finally prepare your new home, including drawing up a lease, arranging safety checks, and inventory preparation to make your stay safe and trouble free. We will however try to meet your wishes on entry date if we possibly can.

Your safety and security is our prime concern so you can be sure that the lease, inventory/statement of condition and other documentation meet the latest industry and legal standards, and that your future home will have been checked and certified for electrical, gas and fire safety.

Not everyone has rented private property before, so we always explain the letting process in a simple and straightforward way. Charges will be set out when you first contact us, and again when you decide to take a tenancy. There will be no hidden charges or catches.

Your deposit will be safely lodged in an independently authorised and regulated tenancy deposit scheme.

At the start of the tenancy you will be given written guidance and personal contact details to help make your stay pleasant and trouble free. This guidance includes what to do if an emergency should arise, or if you need help and advice at any point throughout your tenancy.

We offer a Tenants Helpline from Monday to Friday so we can deal with your questions and any problems by phone, email, letter or a personal visit by you to our offices at most times. In the event of a genuine emergency outwith these hours, you can ring our emergency line 7 days/24 hours, including Christmas, New Year and other public holidays.

When you want to leave the property at the end of the tenancy

At the end of the tenancy we will work closely with you to ensure a smooth termination of the tenancy. We’ll aim for quick return of the deposit in discussion with the landlord,  or speedy resolution of any deposit dispute through the tenancy deposit scheme.

If necessary Letting Solutions will mediate between the landlord and tenant to secure a fair outcome in the event of any disputes resulting from the tenancy or issues relating to return of the deposit.

Should you want to rent a bigger property or move to another location, Letting Solutions will identify another flat or house for you and manage the transition from one tenancy to the other.

Looking for a property to rent?

Looking for a property to rent?

As a tenant you are a valuable client, and will be treated in a friendly and professional manner.
We have a large selection of properties across West Lothian for let with houses and flats for rent in all the areas of demand including Livingston, Bathgate, Linlithgow, West Calder, East Calder, Mid Calder, Whitburn and Armadale. We have a particularly large selection of flats for rent in Livingston.