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Case Studies

Case Studies

Just a very few examples of the many success stories of our clients

Buy to let

8 properties with high occupancy rates

A woman in her early forties invested her savings in a two bed executive flat, in a very popular area of West Lothian, with the intention of the flat providing a pension for her at a later stage. She now has eight properties all enjoying high occupancy rates with minimum voids.

3 buy-to-let properties

A young man at the age of 20 bought his first buy-to-let property (encouraged by his parents aptitude for scouting out land, building a property, living in it for a year or so, then selling for a good profit). He decided that money was definitely “in brick” and now has three buy to let properties.

£1.3 million Portfolio

A couple purchased a small inexpensive flat as a “toe in the water” exercise. Encouraged by their success, they purchased more properties and now have a portfolio valued at £1.3 million, producing a healthy monthly profit with minimum voids.

8 properties

A husband and wife team of business people, who spent long hours on the seasonal nature of their work, realised that the time was right to sell the business. They ploughed the profits into eight properties and now spend their “retirement” travelling around, scouting out more properties to buy.

Property owner unable to sell

£550 every month

We quickly found a tenant for a Broxburn property owner who had been trying to sell through an estate agent for many months. Without a buyer emerging. That landlord receives rent of £550 every month, without losing the option to sell at a later date. There are many other examples of property owners coming to us as a result of difficulties in selling.


Managing of 196 properties

A major PLC client of 20 years standing rang us to say that they had been asked to manage 196 properties in four locations by a High Street Bank, following re-possession from a property company. The immediate need was to assess the works required on selected properties, mostly for the student market, and let properties in Edinburgh which were with other agents.

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Get in touch

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