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Landlord Tips – how to stage your property to attract tenants

about 2 years ago
Landlord Tips – how to stage your property to attract tenants

The rental market in Scotland continues to surge in demand, with higher rents for landlords a natural consequence of this. A new Zoopla report even reveals that three Scottish cities form part of the top 15 UK cities with the fastest rising rents.

However, with the market constantly changing and the potential implementation of the new deal for tenants, Scottish landlords cannot afford to solely rely on the market conditions to attract tenants.

Here at Letting Solutions, we use our experience as West Lothian lettings agents to explain how to stage your property to attract tenants.

Why staging is important

When it comes to letting a home, the aim is to attract tenants quickly. What a lot of landlords could be unaware of is the status of their home could be what is coming between them and securing tenant agreements.

When it comes to properties, first impressions are everything. A properly staged home is necessary to put your best foot forward by showcasing your home in the best possible light.

Property staging involves styling and furnishing a home so that the property stands out to potential buyers. According to research, property prices can increase by up to £47,000 if staged properly – and it could have a similarly positive impact on your chances of securing good, long-term tenants.

A properly staged home is easy for prospective tenants to view and imagine themselves living there. Such homes are also more likely to generate higher values than properties that are not staged, because they give viewers the impression they do not require work.

Rearrange furniture to improve the overall look

Like in the rest of the UK, space has become a top priority for many people seeking homes in Scotland.

The Halifax price index reveals that on average property values in Scotland have increased by 14% since February 2020 and people prioritising bigger properties seems to be the driving factor.

Simply rearranging furniture around a home can make it appear bigger and therefore make it more appealing for prospective tenants.

While rearranging furniture, landlords will likely come across items that do not need to be in the home. This is where decluttering the home – storing items away or giving unwanted things to charity – becomes hugely necessary.

Declutter your rental home

Getting rid of clutter around the home is an excellent way to start the home staging process.

Often, homes can appear smaller and crammed because they are filled with unnecessary items that are not needed. By getting rid of items in a property that are not needed, landlords can help tenants more easily envisage themselves living in the home.

While decluttering, Scottish landlords could come across items that are valuable but not needed. By selling these online, landlords can get rid of the item and get some extra cash. Why not consider using this extra cash to buy materials such as paint or new bedsheets to give the home a fresh look for the staging process?

Clean the home

Hoovering the floor, wiping surfaces and mirrors and generally giving the home the once-over are necessary before viewings and before taking images for your letting advertisement.

Rated People recently revealed that 43% of people interested in viewing homes would refuse to view a home if the images revealed the house was dirty.

With the Scottish letting market showing no signs of slowing down, landlords cannot afford to let uncleanliness get in the way of securing tenants.

Liaise with your local letting agent

Staging properties before letting them is likely to help draw tenants to your home. Once completed, images and videos can be taken for the marketing advert and online property tours. Property staging is also great for in-person viewings.

The right letting agent can provide advice on refurbishing and décor to maximise the rental. We provide full-colour marketing photos, internet and newspaper advertising, and virtual tours of properties.

Here at Letting Solutions, we do our best to help landlords make the most of their properties and secure the very best tenants. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you are not a current client. You can ring us on 01506496006 where our team is waiting to help. Or you can email us at: rent@letting-solutions.co.uk.

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